Kinetic performance : a study in portable architecture Thesis

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  • Abuin, Ernest Brian


  • The purpose of this research was to explore a new way of experiencing a performance space using the portability and flexibility of a cargo container. Since the 17th century there has been a split between theater, as a written work, and architecture. Theater has lost its founding essence becoming more about the structure and less about the performance.

    Contemporary theater designs came through the development of street performances, which developed into theater types such as the Black Box and lately video and projection screening. With the exploration of kinetic uses in architecture and defragmentation of a cargo container there is a new step on the development of theater design. Using a cargo container gave me a familiar object with specific dimensions to start my exploration as well as the possibility of having the theater transported to many sites.

    The findings demonstrate that there are many unexplored possibilities to create a performance space outside the conventional theater that can promote new types of performances as well as the use of new technologies of video and projection.

publication date

  • November 27, 2003

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