ASDN : Automated Software Design Notebook tool Thesis

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  • Adhyapak, Sriram


  • Software Engineering is one of the most widely researched areas of Computer Science. The ability to reuse software, much like reuse of hardware components is one of the key issues in software development. The object-oriented programming methodology is revolutionary in that it promotes software reusability.

    This thesis describes the development of a tool that helps programmers to design and implement software from within the Smalltalk Environment (an Object- Oriented programming environment). The ASDN tool is part of the PEREAM (Programming Environment for the Reuse and Evolution of Abstract Models) system, which advocates incremental development of software.

    The Asdn tool along with the PEREAM system seeks to enhance the Smalltalk programming environment by providing facilities for structured development of abstractions (concepts). It produces a document that describes the abstractions that are developed using this tool. The features of the ASDN tool are illustrated by an example.

publication date

  • July 7, 1990


  • ASDN (Computer program)
  • Computer software
  • Development
  • Object-oriented programming (Computer science)
  • Reusability

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