Development of a Body for a Pneumatic Crawler for Radioactive Waste Pipelines Thesis

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  • Matos, Jose Alfonso


  • The goal of this thesis was to develop a body for a crawler robot to navigate DOE Hanford Site transfer pipelines in a timely fashion. Previous work in pipe crawlers was analyzed and different configurations were studied by this author in order to design a suitable device. Tests were done in CAD to verify the device would fit and be able to travel within the confines of the pipelines’3” inner diameter and 90° elbows with 4.25”radii. Pipelines in Hanford can transition into 2” pipe and this was also taken into consideration when selecting the dimensions for the device. Manufacturing methods and materials were selected in order to ensure minimal cost and time for manufacture. The manufactured device was tested for speed in straight sections and elbows, pulling force, and adaptability to changes in pipe dimension from 3” to 2”. Modifications were made based on test results.

publication date

  • November 15, 2013


  • Engineering
  • Robotics

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