Investigation of particle identification methods for the analysis of the photoproduction of neutral kaons on a liquid deuterium target Thesis

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  • Beckford, Brian


  • The Photoproduction of neutral kaons off a deuteron target has been investigated at the Tohoku University Laboratory of Nuclear Science. The PID methods investigated incorporated a combination of momentum, velocity (β=v/c), and energy deposition per unit length (dE/dx) measurements. The analysis demonstrates that energy deposition and time of flight are exceedingly useful. A higher signal to background ratio was achieved for hard cuts in combination. A probabilistic likelihood estimation approach (LE) as a method for PID was also explored. The probability of a particle being correctly identified by this LE method and the preliminary results denote the need for highly precise limitations on the distributions from which the parameters would be extracted. It was confirmed that these PID are applicable approaches to properly identify pions for the analysis of this experiment. However, the background evident in the mass spectra points to the need for a higher level of proton identification.

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  • July 9, 2008

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