Surfactant solubilization and subsequent bioavailability of phenanthrene Thesis

(1997). Surfactant solubilization and subsequent bioavailability of phenanthrene . 10.25148/etd.FI14051823

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  • Bramwell, Debbie-Ann


  • Contamination of soil, sediment and groundwater by hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs) is a matter of growing concern because groundwater is a valuable and limited resource, and because such contamination is difficult to address. This investigation involved an experimental evaluation of the addition of several surfactant solutions to aqueous and soil-water systems contaminated with phenanthrene, a selected HOC. The results are presented in terms of:

    * phenanthrene solubilization achieved through surfactant addition

    * observed effects of surfactant addition on the mineralization of phenanthrene

    * estimation of relative toxicities of various surfactants using toxicity assays

    * literature-reported biodegradability/persistence of selected surfactants

    * surfactant sorption/precipitation onto soil and its impacts on proposed use of surfactant-amended remediation

    Surfactants were observed to facilitate the transfer of phenanthrene from the soil-sorbed phase to the aqueous pseudophase, however, surfactant solubilization did not translate into enhanced phenanthrene biodegradation.

publication date

  • November 14, 1997

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