Environmental quality monitoring at five golf courses in Miami-Dade County Thesis

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  • Bucknor, Lorna


  • Five golf courses in Miami-Dade County, Florida participated in a one year monitoring study to investigate the environmental impact of agrichemical turf management activities.

    Groundwater, soil, surface water, and sediments were sampled quarterly at the golf courses in 1997. Ground and surface water were sampled for 51 pesticide residues (including arsenic), nitrates, and phosphates. Soil and sediments were sampled for arsenic.

    Arsenic was the main contaminant of interest. Seventy-five percent of soil samples exceeded the Florida residential soil cleanup target level (CTL) while thirty-two percent of shallow groundwater samples exceeded the maximum contaminant level (MCL). Five other pesticide residues were detected in groundwater, but only one exceeded the MCL. Pesticide residues were also detected in surface water. Nitrates were found in ground and surface water, twenty-one percent of groundwater samples exceeded the federal health advisory level.

publication date

  • January 29, 2002

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