A real time electromagnetic analysis of electric machines for educational purposes and laboratory implementation Thesis

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  • Castro, Jorge Angel


  • This thesis presents a system for visually analyzing the electromagnetic fields of the electrical machines in the energy conversion laboratory. The system basically utilizes the finite element method to achieve a real-time effect in the analysis of electrical machines during hands-on experimentation. The system developed is a tool to support the student's understanding of the electromagnetic field by calculating performance measures and operational concepts pertaining to the practical study of electrical machines.

    Energy conversion courses are fundamental in electrical engineering. The laboratory is conducted oriented to facilitate the practical application of the theory presented in class, enabling the student to use electromagnetic field solutions obtained numerically to calculate performance measures and operating characteristics. Laboratory experiments are utilized to help the students understand the electromagnetic concepts by the use of this visual and interactive analysis system. In this system, this understanding is accomplished while hands-on experimentation takes place in real-time.

publication date

  • April 10, 2003

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