IFE, an interactive formula editor Thesis

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  • Chau, Teresa C.


  • IFE, the Interactive Formula Editor is an experimental system designed, developed and implemented to propose a different approach to handle mathematical formulae. Its main characteristics are: (1) Interactive creation and edition of a mathematical formula, (2) Tex-form output for a printed version of a formula, and (3) Ability to generate a new set of characters by means of a character editor.

    Mathematical symbols are provided and adjusted by the system, automatically. The system also, guides the user during the formula description because it knows the syntax of the graphical representation.

    The system seems to be complete and perform well. The listing of the program is included, as are suggestions for further development.

publication date

  • October 21, 1988


  • Computer programs
  • Data processing
  • Formulae
  • Mathematics

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