The relationship between calling and body condition in hyla cinerea Thesis

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  • Combs, Christy Angela


  • This study examined selected factors that affect calling characteristics of male Hyla cinerea at breeding sites within the Kissimmee River Basin. The primary objective of this research was to assess the relationship between meal mass and body condition to call characteristics of males during the breeding season. I gathered data on calls and collected males in Rattlesnake Hammock Marsh located in the Kicco Wildlife Area. I extracted triglycerides with petroleum ether. I used thin-layer chromatography to verify the presence of triglycerides in the extract. I analyzed call characters using Canary v. 1.2.1. Additionally, I examined the relationship between call characters and triglyceride levels and meal mass using correlation analyses. My study demonstrated that trunk muscle triglyceride levels are correlated to call characteristics and are associated with recent food intake and body size. Additionally, a descriptive study of the general habitat use and behavioral patterns of male H. cinerea in the Kissimmee River Basin was conducted.

publication date

  • March 25, 1998

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