Development of a near-perfect lens surface generation advisor (NPLSGA) Thesis

(1999). Development of a near-perfect lens surface generation advisor (NPLSGA) . 10.25148/etd.FI14062224

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fiu authors

  • Rossi, Victor De


  • The Near-Perfect Lens Surface Generation Advisor is a software program designed to optimize manufacturing conditions of acrylic lenses. The program numerically minimizes the total manufacturing cost of machining and hand polishing by choosing the optimal feed rate, tool diameter and step size. Derivations of mathematical equations plus neural networks estimations were used to calculate the total cost as a function of these given variables. Machining time was found from values obtained from feed rate and tool displacement. Polishing time was estimated based on the scallop height, and the total polished surface area. Scallop height was calculated from geometrical expressions depending on the tool diameter, step over, lens curvature, and relative angle between the cutting tool and the material surface.

publication date

  • November 24, 1999

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