A study of the herpetofaunal assemblages in the floodplain habitats of the Kissimmee river Thesis

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  • Farrell, Christopher Jon


  • Amphibians and reptiles were sampled using visual encounter surveys in three floodplain habitats (broadleaf marsh, wetland forest, and woody shrub) of the Kissimmee River from August 1996 to July 1997. Twelve species were observed, comprising seven anurans, one salamander, three snakes, and one lizard. Hyla cinerea was the most abundant species, and it represented 61.8 % of all observations. Eurycea quadridigitata and Anolis carolinensis were the second and third most abundant species, respectively, and represented an additional 25.6 % of all observations. The mean abundance of amphibians and reptiles was significantly different among months. Abundance peaked in July, and reached its second highest value in October. Hyla. cinerea and A. carolinensis were observed at all seven study sites among the three habitats. Eurycea quadridigitata was observed almost exclusively in the woody shrub habitat. Eleven of the twelve species occurred in the broadleaf marsh habitat at some time during the year.

publication date

  • July 1, 1998

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