Understanding the Challenges of Expanding Community Forestry in Northwest Cameroon Thesis

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  • Farnung, Caitlin M


  • The tropical afro-montane forest of the Northwest region is unique and under direct threat from the high population density of the region. Community-based forestry management is an opportunity to sustainably manage the remaining forest fragments.

    Community forestry was introduced to Cameroon with the legislation of the 1994 Forestry Law. Over two decades later little research has been conducted in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Twenty-four semi-structured interviews were conducted, and samples of forestry records were analyzed as exploratory research that would act as a base for further research.

    This research found that the tenure of the community over the community forest needed to be strengthened, marginalized populations needed to be empowered to participate, and governance needed to be improved both nationally, and locally. Further research will strengthen these conclusions and help Cameroon, and community forests around the world, be effectively established and managed.

publication date

  • June 26, 2015


  • Cameroon
  • Community Forest
  • Governance

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