Fully Decentralized Multi-Agent System for Optimal Microgrid Control Thesis

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  • Azevedo, Ricardo de


  • In preparation for the influx of renewable energy sources that will be added to the electrical system, flexible and adaptable control schemes are necessary to accommodate the changing infrastructure. Microgrids have been gaining much attention as the main solution to the challenges of distributed and intermittent generation, but due to their low inertia, they need fast-acting control systems in order to maintain stability. Multi-Agent Systems have been proposed as dynamic control and communication frameworks. Decentralized arrangements of agents can provide resiliency and the much-desired “plug and play” behavior. This thesis describes a control system that implements droop control and the diffusion communication scheme without the need of a centralized controller to coordinate the Microgrid agents to maintain the frequency and stable operating conditions of the system. Moreover, the inter-agent communication is unaffected by changing network configurations and can achieve optimal economic dispatch through distributed optimization.

publication date

  • March 7, 2016


  • Cooperative Control
  • Decentralized
  • Distributed
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrid
  • Multi Agent System
  • Optimization
  • Smart Grid

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