The Effect of Natural Products and Small Gtpases in Adipogenesis Honors Thesis

honors thesis advisor

fiu authors

  • Rivero, Nathalie


  • Insulin signaling is one of the main initiators of adipogenesis, the conversion from pre-adipocyte to adipocyte or lipid droplet. Rab proteins are the master regulator of intracellular trafficking and endosome fusion in endocytosis, making them potential regulators of insulin signaling in adipogenesis. Pre-adipocytes 3T3-Ll cells expressing several Rab5 constructs were used to examine the effect of dehydroleucodine (DhL ), a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from aerial parts of Artemisia douglasiana Besser. The results obtained identify Rab5 deactivation as a key step for adipogenesis by forming signaling endosomes. The addition of DhL significantly inhibited the lipid droplet accumulation in a dose-dependent manner and dramatically attenuated the synthesis of adipogenic transcriptional factors, C/EBPa and PPARy. Activation of AMPKa, Erk and Akt during adipocytic differentiation was not inhibited by treatment with DhL. This data suggest that DhL has an important role in Rab5 dependent adipogenesis by regulating several transcriptional factors including PP ARy expression, which is known to play an essential role during fat formation.

publication date

  • January 1, 2012