Brown Eyes, Black Magic Thesis

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  • Norris, Marcus Duane


  • This thesis consists of a large composition for chamber orchestra titled Brown Eyes, Black Magic and an accompanying analytical paper. The piece, approximately twelve minutes long, is a tribute to women of color in America. The title pays homage to the “Black Girl Magic” campaign that CaShawn Thompson founded in 2013 to empower women of color by highlighting their achievements in different fields (Wilson 2016). Although the piece is not programmatic, I tried to create a mysterious sound world, in which the listener focuses on the beauty of ever-shifting sonic colors. The composition explores musical texture and timbre, and is influenced by the works of Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Georg Friederich Haas, Krzysztof Penderecki, Arnold Schoenberg, and Anton Webern.

publication date

  • March 28, 2017


  • african american composers
  • african american music
  • black composers
  • black music
  • chamber orchestra
  • composers
  • composition
  • orchestra

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