Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameters in Exponential Power Distribution with Upper Record Values Thesis

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  • Zhi, Tianchen


  • The exponential power (EP) distribution is a very important distribution that was used by survival analysis and related with asymmetrical EP distribution. Many researchers have discussed statistical inference about the parameters in EP distribution using i.i.d random samples. However, sometimes available data might contain only record values, or it is more convenient for researchers to collect record values. We aim to resolve this problem. We estimated two parameters of the EP distribution by MLE using upper record values. According to simulation study, we used the Bias and MSE of the estimators for studying the efficiency of the proposed estimation method. Then, we discussed the prediction on the next upper record value by known upper record values. The study concluded that MLEs of EP distribution parameters by upper record values has satisfactory performance. Also, prediction of the next upper record value performed well

publication date

  • March 27, 2017


  • Exponential Power Distribution
  • MLE
  • Record Value

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