Athletics Administrative Unit

The FIU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics adheres to the belief that intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of the educational framework of the institution and the program exists to support and compliment the mission and goals of the University. The mission of the FIU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to initiate, stimulate and continually improve the athletic and recreation programs for students by (1) promoting academic excellence and educational leadership, (2) striving to obtain athletic distinction at the Division 1 level, (3) assuring gender equity and cultivating diversity, (4) fostering and promoting personal integrity among its participants, (5) encouraging activities and experiences which instill the value of lifelong participation and total well-being, and (6) providing an avenue for the social development of the student through participatory interaction within and outside athletic and campus community. In addition to augmenting the academic, athletic and personal development of students, events sponsored by the Department are conducted to facilitate unity, promote camaraderie and further social bonding within the community, foster and maintain institutional support from FIU alumni, University affiliates and external constituents positively increase the visibility of the University and Conference USA and enhance international and cultural understanding. The Department and University fulfill these functions through the enforcement of developed and adopted eligibility rules that comply with the standards of scholarship, sportsmanship, personal conduct and amateurism. The Department strives to operate programs at the highest level of competition within budgetary constraints while respecting NCAA legislation, conference mandates, state and institutional regulations. Participation in FIU Athletics will provide student-athletes with the opportunity to pursue a quality education in one of America's leading urban universities and develop a value system which encourages discipline, teamwork, self-confidence, leadership skills and sporting behavior in an equitable and diverse environment. Ultimately, the goal is to assure the experience that the students have in the FIU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is profound and meaningful and serves to form a lasting bond with Florida International University.

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