• José R. Almirall served as a practicing forensic scientist at the Miami-Dade Police Department Crime Laboratory before his academic appointment at FIU in 1998. In addition to authoring a book and about 145 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the field of analytical and forensic chemistry, Prof. Almirall has received six U.S. patents and serves on several national forensic science boards.

research interests

  • Development and application of analytical chemistry tools to enhance the value of scientific evidence.
    Detection and identification of organic compounds of forensic interest such as controlled substances and explosives in the field or through use of field-portable detectors such as Ion Mobility Spectrometers. Coupling of SPME to IMS for detection of odor compounds of drugs and explosives.
    Development of methodology for the characterization of materials using elemental analysis, specifically the determination of ultra-trace quantities of metals in glass and other matrices using LA-ICP-MS, u-XRF and LIBS. Fundamental improvement in LIBS analysis of materials including the use of double-pulsed and microwave-assisted experiments.

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full name

  • Jose Almirall