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  • His research interests include: Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS), Transit Planning and Operations, Traffic Safety, Driving Simulation, Transportation for Special Populations, Data Analysis, Statistics, Database Systems, Evolutionary Algorithms, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and Information Technology. Dr. Cevallos has served as panel member on many TCRP projects: TCRP Synthesis Topic SA-28: Use of Electronic Passenger Information Signage in Transit; TCRP Synthesis Topic SA-26: Implementation and Outcomes of Fare Free Systems; TCRP Synthesis Topic SA-25: Use of Mobile Device Technology for Real-Time Transit Information; TCRP Synthesis Topic SA-18: Passenger Counting Systems; TCRP Project H-28: Uses of Archived AVL/APC Data to Improve Transit Performance and Management; and TCRP Synthesis Topic SH-03: Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Transit Planning and Operations.

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  • Fabian Cevallos


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