• Jian Chen is a research associate in Dr. Barry P. Rosen’s lab. His main focus is to investigate the molecular mechanism of cross-resistance of heavy metals (eg, arsenic, antimony) and antibiotic, biotransformation and transport of environmental organicoarsenicals (eg, roxarsone).

    Chen is interested in global biogeochemical cycles of trace elements, mainly arsenic, in the environment and their bioremediation. Arsenic contamination in soils and food increases human risks of diseases. He identified several genes involved in arsenic detoxification, such arsM gene from alga Chlamydomonas, which can convert toxic A(III) to non-toxic methylated arsenicals, and further genetic engineered soil bacteria P. putida with arsM for arsenic bioremediation. He is also trying to elucidate the molecular details of the pathways of biotransformations and transport of environmental organicoarsenicals, including the herbicide MSMA (monosodium methylarsenate) and the antimicrobial growth promoter for poultry and swine Roxarsone (3-nitro-4-hydroxybenzenearsonic acid). Function of genes arsH, arsP, arsJ et al., involved in organoarsenicals detoxification are disclosed.

research interests

  • Arsenous Acid Derivative; Arsenite Oxidase; Arsenic; Microcystins; Cyanoginosin LR; Cyanobacterial Toxins; Ghrelin Receptors; Acyltransferases; Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide

selected publications

full name

  • Jian Chen