• Associate Professor Hui Huang’s research focuses primarily on developing and evaluating macro-level interventions in child welfare and public health, with the purpose of building evidence-based policy and program. Since joining the faculty at Florida International University in 2013, she has had seven funded projects: three principal investigators (PI), two co- principal investigators (Co-PI), and two co-investigators (Co-I). The total amount of the grants is 1,825,500 dollars. Dr. Huang is currently co-leading (Co-PI) the external evaluation of the Reducing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: Closing the Gap (CTG) grant program. The Florida Department of Health (DOH) Office of Minority Health and Health Equity (OMHHE) administers the CTG grant program (section 381.7351-56 and 20.43 (9) Florida Statutes). The CTG grant program has awarded funds to grantees to stimulate the development of community-based and neighborhood-based projects to improve health outcomes of racial and ethnic populations. The funding allocation for the evaluation is $400,000 per year for up to four years. The tasks of this evaluation include establishing a broad evaluation infrastructure for the CTG grant program, assessing the success of grantees in achieving the intended goals of the CTG grant program and expanding the capacity of OMHHE and grantees to meaningfully evaluate and improve efforts to drive health improvement.

    In the past, Dr. Huang evaluated the Crossover Youth Practice Model, which is an innovative model serving youth involved in both the child welfare and the juvenile justice systems. She also evaluated the campus support program serving former foster youth and homeless students in college and the intensive in-home service program serving parents with substance use problems in the child welfare system. In the last four years, Dr. Huang has also been collaborating with Dr. Shamra Boel-Studt at Florida State University and serving as a Co-PI on a project to develop and test the Group Care Quality Standards Assessment(GCQSA), which is a multi-dimensional, multi-informant assessment designed to measure the quality of services provided to children and youth in Florida’s DCF-licensed residential group homes.

    Until 2021, she has published 38 peer-reviewed journal articles and is the first author on 12 of these articles. She has also published 3 book chapters. The h-index associated with her publication record is 19.

research interests

  • Child Welfare, Health Disparity, Substance Use, Juvenile Justice

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  • Hui Huang