• Dr. Steven Lee is a Professor in FIU's International Forensic Research Institute and is dedicated to applying forensic DNA scientific and technical expertise to grant development and acquisition. Dr. Lee focuses on engaging new collaborations and initiatives for advancing research and development, strategic planning and development to evaluate emerging technologies for advancing forensic DNA, and research on accelerating rapid DNA and improving collection of challenging DNA samples. He develops educational outreach programs, directs the development and delivery of CSI camps, and facilitates Forensic Science Educator’s Conferences.

research interests

  • Improving DNA extraction for rapid direct PCR and downstream NGS methods
    Investigation of strategies to reduce PCR inhibition due to commonly found co-extracted PCR inhibitors
    Development, implementation and validation of room temperature biological sample and DNA storage using novel polymers
    Exploration of cell-free fractions for genomic and proteomic profiling of touch and low template forensic biological samples
    Second and Third Generation Massively Parallel Sequencing technology evaluations for forensic DNA identity, phenotype, and ancestry predictions

selected publications

full name

  • Steven Lee