• Dr. Adela Timmons is the director of the Technological Interventions for Ecological Systems (TIES) Lab. Dr. Timmons' research examines how childhood stress, trauma, and adversity become biologically embedded and impact stress reactivity and emotion regulation capacity in the context of interpersonal relationships. She is particularly interested in coregulation processes, or how people in interpersonal relationships share in their moment-to-moment physiological and emotional states. To conduct her research, she uses both laboratory-based and ambulatory assessment methods to capture relationship dynamics as they naturalistically unfold. She is also interested in the development of new technologies and measures for automatically and passively capturing and quantifying interpersonal functioning in real-life contexts. She is currently developing just-in-time adaptive mobile health interventions using machine learning and wearables, with the goal of improving mental health outcomes for children, couples, and families. Her research is interdisciplinary, spanning across clinical psychology, quantitative psychology, and engineering domains.

research interests

  • Biological embedding of stress, trauma, and adversity; Coregulation in close relationships; Ambulatory assessment and machine learning methodologies

selected publications

full name

  • Adela Timmons