• Prof. Volakis is the Dean at the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International Univ (FIU).  He is an IEEE and ACES Fellow. Prior to coming to FIU, he was the Roy and Lois Chope Chair in Engineering at Ohio State and a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. (2003-2017). He also served as the Director of the Ohio State Univ. ElectroScience Laboratory for 14 years.

    His career spans 2 years at Boeing, 19 years on the faculty at the Univ of Michigan and 15 years at Ohio State. At Michigan he served as the Director of the Radiation Laboratory at U of Michigan (1998-2000). He has 35 years of experience and his research covers wireless communications, wearable textile antennas and electronics, antenna and arrays, ultra-wideband RF beamforming techniques, RF materials and metamaterials, EMI/EMC, multi-physics engineering, bioelectromagnetics, mm-wave front ends for GB communications, THz, radar scattering, RF systems integration, propagation, design optimization, and computational methods. He is internationally known for introducing hybrid finite element methods in electromagnetics, antenna miniaturizations techniques and textile electronics.  In 2004, he was listed by ISI among the top 250 highly cited scientists/engineers.  His publications include 8 widely used books, 400 journal papers and nearly 800 conference papers. As of May 2017, his google h-index=60 with nearly 16000 citations. He mentored nearly 90 Ph.Ds with 37 of them having won awards at international conferences.

    His service to Professional Societies includes: 2004 President of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, 2015-2017 USNC-URSI B Chair, twice the general Chair of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, IEEE APS Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE APS Fellows Committee Chair, IEEE-wide Fellows committee member & Associate Editor of several journals. Among his awards are: TheUniv. of Michigan College of Engineering Research Excellence award (1993), Scott award from The Ohio State Univ. College of Engineering forOutstanding Academic Achievement (2011), IEEE Tai Teaching Excellence award (2011), and the IEEE Henning Mentoring award (2013), IEEE APS Distinguished Achievement award (2015), and Ohio State Univ. Distinguished Scholar Award (2016), and the Ohio State ElectroScience Lab Sinclair award (2016).

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