• Dr. Changwon Yoo’s research, teaching, and service activities are shaped by three common aims: examining and developing novel computational and statistical methods, providing useful insights in improving health outcomes of the public in general, and involving a collaborative partnership of university, community agencies and organizations, and residents to achieve the first two aims. The incorporation of these aims into all levels of his scholarship (research, teaching, service) provides cohesiveness to his work, which enables him to be more efficient, effective, and productive.
    Dr. Yoo’s research focuses on developing and disseminating innovative statistical methods for Big Data Analytics (BDA). His research draws from statistical machine learning, genomics, and neuroscience and seeks to identify and build statistical methods in big data such as genomics, proteomics, neuroimaging and clinical data. It is highly collaborative because understanding disease mechanisms and coming up with better treatments and prevention in medicine and public health inevitably involve analyzing complex and big data. He is currently a principal investigator in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to build a novel computational causal model of key genes interactions in brain cancer development.

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