Multi-walled carbon nanotube film as strain sensors for structural vibration control Conference

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  • Li, X; Levy, C

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  • We have studied the possibility of using multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) film as strain sensors for structural vibration control. The MWCNT films were prepared by solution/filtration method and were bonded directly onto specimens by nonconductive adhesive, conventional strain gages were also bonded to the structure on the opposite side for comparison. The specimens then underwent uniaxial tensile load-unload cycle to evaluate them as strain sensors. To assure good electrical contact between carbon nanotube film and the wires, a thin layer of copper was thermal deposited on both ends of the film as electrodes, the wires were connected to the electrodes by silver ink. A Wheatstone bridge was used to convert the resistance changes of MWCNT to voltage output. Results indicated the output voltages were proportional to the strain readings from the stain indicator. The temperature effect on the resistance was measured and the MWCNT film resistance was found to be temperature-independent over the range 273 K-363 K. Optimal film dimension for strain sensing was evaluated as well. Our results indicated that MWCNT film is potentially useful for structural health monitoring and vibration control application.

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  • August 23, 2007

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