Hurricane loss prediction model and coastal damage mitigation Conference

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  • Pinelli, JP; Gurley, K; Subramanian, C; Hamid, S

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  • Affordable solutions to mitigate hurricane damage can only follow from a quantification of the wind forces causing the destruction, models that relate wind speeds to forces and the capacity of man-made structures to resist them, and engineering-based evaluations of the cost effectiveness of various vulnerability reduction measures. The paper describes the development of a computational model to evaluate the existing damage risk to coastal structures versus the cost of retrofitting to reduce this risk. The effectiveness of an array of mitigation measures will be evaluated through the comparison of the statistics of predicted losses for a broad population of buildings with and without the mitigation measures or retrofits. The quantified reductions in risks will be contrasted with the added cost of the various mitigation measures to provide a cost-benefit view of the various measures. The paper presents preliminary results of this mitigation study. Copyright © 2005 ITAM ASCR Prague.

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  • December 1, 2005

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