Cost effectiveness of hurricane mitigation measures for residential buildings Conference

cited authors

  • Pinelli, JP; Torkian, BB; Gurley, K; Subramanian, C; Hamid, S

fiu authors


  • This paper addresses methods for evaluating the economic feasibility of mitigated residential buildings in Florida. The cost effectiveness of mitigation applied to different types of masonry and timber homes is determined by applying different sets of mitigations. The authors analyzed the cost effectiveness of various combinations of mitigation measures for different types of residential structure of different age and quality. Different sets of mitigation measures were investigated that combined improved roofing materials, improved roof to wall connections, and opening protection. This mitigation measures were applied to typical timber box and masonry residential structures of different age and quality of construction, from weak pre-1970 to stronger post 2002 construction. In each case, a detailed cost analysis of the unmitigated and mitigated building was performed and the relative cost effectiveness of mitigation was assessed, through comparisons of the results of portfolio analyses with and without mitigation. This paper presents the results of the mitigation cost effectiveness study, including component vulnerabilities from Monte Carlo simulation, overall building vulnerabilities, cost analysis, and analysis of the effectiveness of different sets of mitigation measures for different regions of Florida. The results are color mapped by zip codes for the whole State.

publication date

  • December 1, 2009