Computer system for highway bridge rating and fatigue life analysis Conference

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  • Wang, TL

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  • The paper presents a computer system that can rate the steel bridge capacity in longitudinal girders and predict the fatigue life of steel bridges based on each of standard H or HS truck loadings and equivalent lane loadings. Both simple and continuous span bridges are developed. Either uniform or nonuniform cross section of bridge can be utilized. The data obtained from output results can be used to plot the diagrams of influence line and envelope for shear and moment by using the LOTUS-123 software without any modification. Also, the bending stress history can be plotted at each critical joint to determine the equivalent stress range. This computer software is developed and used in COMPAQ 386, IBM PS/2 model 80 or any IBM AT compatible personal computers. It also can be used in the general main frame computers.

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  • December 1, 1989

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