Coherent population trapping and four-wave mixing via dark states in a Doppler-broadened open Rb system Article

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  • Wang, S; Ducreay, DG; Pina, R; Yan, M; Zhu, Y

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  • We report an experimental study of coherent population trapping and four-wave mixing via multilevel dark states prepared in the ground hyperfine states of 87Rb atoms. The dark states are created by A-type coupling chains driven by a linearly polarized pump laser tuned to the D1 F=2↔F′=1 transition. The Doppler shift in the coupling chains is compensated by the left- and right-circularly polarized components of the pump laser. The multilevel dark states are explored by a probe laser and their existence is manifested by a strong dependence of the probe excitation and four-wave-mixing emission on the probe polarization. Our experiment shows that coherent population trapping in multilevel dark states of a degenerate atomic system should be useful in the coherence control of optical nonlinearity.

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  • January 1, 2000

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