Energy and angular distributions of autoionization electrons and channel interaction effects for the Sr 5pns J=1 autoionizing series Article

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  • Zhu, Y; Xu, EY; Gallagher, TF

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  • A comprehensive experimental study of the energy and angular distributions of electrons ejected from the Sr 5p3/2ns1/2 and 5p1/2ns1/2 J=1 autoionizing states with n ranging from 10 to 20 has been performed using multistep laser excitation and time-of-flight electron spectroscopy. The branching ratios for autoionization to the available Sr+ ion cores have been determined as well as the asymmetry parameter,of the electron angular distributions. Both the branching ratios and the parameters are constant across isolated autoionizing states. However, measured values and branching ratios change sharply across the line profiles of those 5p3/2ns1/2 states which have strong localized interactions with 5p1/2ns1/2 and 5p1/2nd3/2 states. A consistent six-channel quantum-defect-theory model has been developed which enables us to reproduce quite well the level positions, the total autoionization rates, the branching ratios to different Sr+ ion states, and the angular distributions of the electrons ejected in the autoionization to the Sr+ 5s1/2 and 5p1/2 ion states. © 1987 The American Physical Society.

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  • January 1, 1987

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