Determination of channel interaction in barium for five 5d7d perturbers: The D21, 3F2, 1P1, 3S1,and 3P0 states Article

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  • Mullins, OC; Zhu, Y; Gallagher, TF

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  • The measurement of the interaction in barium of five bound, doubly excited perturber states with singly excited Rydberg series is reported. The five perturbers are the 5d7d 1D2, 5d7d 3F2, 5d7d 1P1, 5d7d 3S1, and 5d7d 3P0 states. The J=2 perturbers interact with the 6snd 3D2 and 6snd 1D2 Rydberg series; the J=1 perturbers interact with the 6snd 3D1 and 6sns 3S1 series; and the J=0 perturber interacts with the 6sns 1S0 series. We observe the relative cross section for photoexcitation of the 6p7d autoionizing resonance from each of the perturbers and interacting states nearby in energy where the photon energy roughly corresponds to the energy separation of the 5d and 6p Ba+ states. The relative strength of the transition is directly related to the 5d7d character of the bound states. Good agreement with extensive previous work is obtained for the 5d7d 1D2 and 5d7d 3P0 states. General agreement with previous work is obtained for the 5d7d 3F2, 5d7d 1P1, and 5d7d 3S1 states and specific discrepancies are clarified. © 1985 The American Physical Society.

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  • January 1, 1985

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