Prevention of postsurgical adhesions by INTERCEED(TC7), an absorbable adhesion barrier: A prospective, randomized multicenter clinical study Article

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  • Cohen, SM; Franklin, RR; Haney, AF; Malinak, LR; Patton, GW; Rock, JA; Rosenberg, SM; Webster, RW; Yuzpe, AA

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  • INTERCEED(TC7) (Johnson & Johnson Patient Care Inc., New Brunswick, NJ) is an absorbable fabric specially designed to reduce postsurgical adhesions. The authors report on a prospective, randomized, multicentEr, clinical trial that evaluated the efficacy of Interceed in reducing adhesions in humans. Infertility patients (n = 74) with bilateral pelvic sidewall adhesions were studied at treatment laparotomy and 'second-look' laparoscopy to determine Interceed's effectiveness. After removal of adhesions at laparotomy, the deperitonealized area of one pelvic sidewall was covered with Interceed. The contralateral untreated sidewall served as the control. Pelvic sidewalls covered with Interceed had a 90% improvement over control sidewalls in preventing adhesion formation. Additionally, Interceed treatment was associated with a 57% reduction of the extenT of adhesion formation over that obtained by microsurgical techniques alone. IntercEed also provided a significant benefit in reducing the severity of those adhesions that did form, and significantly reduced the number of adhesions between the ovary and pelvic sidewall. In conclusion, Interceed significantly reduced the incidence, extent, and severity of postsurgical pelvic adhesions.

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  • January 1, 1989

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