Serum electrolytes, chemistries, and blood cell counts after gynecologic surgery in healthy women Article

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  • Diamond, MP; Bieber, E; Bachus, KE; Bradshaw, KD; Falcone, T; Frishman, G; Gehlbach, D; Grunert, G; Hansen, KA; Hemmings, R; Lobo, R; Mok, A; Radwanska, E; Schlaff, WD; Silberberg, KM; Stienkampf, MP; Vaughn, TC; Witz, CA; Smith, EL; Coddington, CC; Franklin, R; Gunn, D; Lotze, E; Rowe, G; Grainger, D; Tjaden, B; Patton, G; Johns, A; Johnson, K; Kettel, M; Morales, A; Leach, RE; Blacker, CM; Putman, MJ; Reindollar, RH; Penzias, A; Shamma, FN; Peterson, E; Stewart, DL; Montgomery Rice, VC; Vasquez, J; Eisenberg, E; Warshaw, J; Rock, J; Smith, E

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  • Objective: To define "normal" postoperative hematologic values in healthy women undergoing laparotomy. Design: Retrospective review. Setting: Databases of the Sepracoat and Seprafilm anti-adhesion clinical trials conducted at medical centers. Patient(s): 188 control patients from these clinical trials at 42 centers. Intervention(s): Blood was obtained preoperatively (pre-op), 2 to 5 days postoperatively (post-op 1), and 2 to 5 weeks postoperatively (post-op 2). Result(s): At post-op 1, over 75% of women were found to have hematocrit, hemoglobin levels, and RBC counts below the lower limit of normal; calcium and potassium were reduced below normal in 43% and 16% of women, respectively. A high percentage of women had reduction below normal of albumin and total protein (63% and 49%, respectively). Elevations at post-op 1 of protime and partial thromboplastin time were observed in 23% and 4% of women respectively; 18% had elevated white blood cell counts, while platelet counts were normal in 92%. At post-op 2, changes in all of the parameters identified above at post-op 1 had reverted towards pre-op values, although hematocrit, hemoglobin, and red blood cell continued to be below the lower limit of normal in 45%, 39%, and 36% of women, respectively. Conclusion: A surprisingly high frequency of transient alterations in serum electrolytes, chemistries, and blood cell counts occur in normal women undergoing laparotomy.

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  • December 1, 2000

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