Using WReSTT cyberlearning environment in the classroom Conference

cited authors

  • Clarke, PJ; Davis, DL; Lau, RC; Fu, Y; Kiper, JD; Walia, GS


  • The impact of developing high quality software in todays society cannot be under estimated. Testing continues to be the main approach to ensure the quality of software during development. However, many academic institutions that teach computer science do not teach any software testing courses in their undergraduate or graduate curricula. In this paper we describe a cyberlearning tool (WReSTT-CyLE Web-Based Repository of Software Testing Tutorials: a Cyberlearning Environment) that helps students and instructors to learn various software testing techniques and testing tools. We also report on the results of a four year project that aimed to (1) train instructors in the use of various software testing techniques and tools, and (2) support pedagogy by using WReSTT-CyLE to expose students to several software testing techniques and testing tool tutorials. WResTT-CyLE contains learning material on software testing, and uses a combination of learning and engagement strategies (LESs) to get students more involved in the learning process.

publication date

  • June 24, 2017


  • 2017-June