Biocompatibility of chronically implanted polymer-based intrafascicular electrodes Conference

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  • Lawrence, SM; Larsen, SO; Horch, KW; Riso, R; Sinkjaer, T

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  • We implanted 11 polymer-based intrafascicular electrodes into the peroneal and/or tibial branches of the right sciatic nerve in 8 New Zealand white rabbits for a period of 6 months where the contralateral limb served as the control. The fiber diameter distributions, myelin thickness, and axon counts were measured at the level of the implant, 1.5 cm proximally, and 1.5 cm distally. PolyLIFEs caused no significant effect on axon counts or diameter, but induced slight demyelination distal to the implant. Encapsulation of the implants was also minimal.

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  • December 1, 1999

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