Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: A Tool for Characterizing the Petroleome Article

cited authors

  • Becker, C; Fernandez-Lima, F; Russell, DH


  • Ion mobility-mass spectroscopy (IM-MS) is primarily used as a tool for characterizing the petroleome for understanding the molecular composition of a crude oil. IM-MS provides rapid separation of isomers, conformers, and species of differing chemical class as it is advantageous for rapid characterization of petroleum samples. IM-Ms separation occurs on a timescale of milliseconds compared to a timescale of minutes to hours for applications such as liquid gas chromatography. Three to four times increase in peak capacity when the IM-MS spectra are compared with MS only spectra for analysis of petroleum samples is estimated. The data obtained from the IMMS plots reveal accurate assessment of ion composition and structure from a single IM-MS experiment is feasible. The separation strength offered by IM-MS is highly applicable to petroleum research as compared to traditional research approaches.

publication date

  • April 1, 2009


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