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  • Guo, L; Weygand, DP

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  • The CLAS Collaboration at Jefferson Lab conducted a photoproduction experiment on a proton target using a tagged photon beam with an energy range of 1.5-3.8 GeV during May-July 2004. With an integrated luminosity of about 75 pb-1, this experiment provides the largest data set for photon-proton reactions ever collected. The reaction γ p → K+K +Ξ - (1320) has been investigated and the preliminary results of the cross section measurement of Ξ -(1320) for the photon energy range of 2.7-3.8 GeV have been obtained. In a search for excited cascade states, the reaction of γ p → K+K+π -(Ξ(1320)) has also been explored. Copyright © 2006 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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  • January 1, 2006

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