Background study for the pentaquark search in the reaction γp → π+K-K+n

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  • Guo, L; Weygand, DP; Kubarovsky, V


  • A narrow baryon state with strangeness S≤+1 and mass M = 1555 ± 10 MeV/c2, reported by the CLAS collaboration in the reaction γp → π+K-K+n, has been observed at Jefferson Lab using a tagged photon beam with an energy range of 3-5.47 GeV. A thorough investigation on whether background processes, such as π2(1670) production, can reflect into the possible Θ+ peak was conducted by performing a partial wave analysis on the three-body mesonic background in the energy range of 4.8-5.47 GeV. The analysis also probes other possible processes, and does not find evidence for the observed signal being a result of kinematic reflection. © 2005 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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