Dipyrimidylamine and tripyrimidylamine as chelating N-donor ligands Article

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  • Yao, W; Kavallieratos, K; De Gala, S; Crabtree, RH


  • Dipyrimidylamine (dipm) and tripyrimidylamine (tripm) are reported. A bidentate tripm ruthenium complex, [RuCl(η6-p-cymene)(κ2-tripm)] SbF6, is synthesized and structurally characterized. The presence of an intramolecular C-H···N hydrogen bond is proposed between the cymene C-H and a ring nitrogen in an uncoordinated pyrimidine ring. IR data on [Mo(CO)4(dipm)] suggest that the Tolman electronic parameter of the dipm ligand is similar to that of 2 × PPh3. M-L bonding may be weaker for pyrimidine versus pyridine because κ2-tripm complexation is apparently more favorable relative to the κ3-form than is the case for tripyridylamine. © 2000 Elsevier Science B.V.

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  • December 22, 2000

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