Optical properties of photochromic fluorinated indolylfulgides Article

Wolak, MA, Gillespie, NB, Thomas, CJ et al. (2001). Optical properties of photochromic fluorinated indolylfulgides . 144(2-3), 83-91. 10.1016/S1010-6030(01)00550-0

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  • Wolak, MA; Gillespie, NB; Thomas, CJ; Birge, RR; Lees, WJ

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  • Fluorinated indolylfulgides are a promising class of photochromic organic compounds for optical memory and switches. Absorption spectra, quantum yields, thermal stabilities, and photochemical fatigue resistances have been measured for a series of fluorinated indolylfulgides. The cyclizable form of the heptafluoropropyl-substituted 1,2-dimethylindolylfulgide displays the longest absorbance maxima yet reported for the cyclizable form of a fulgide. Photochemical durability was quantified in both solvent and polymer for the first time, with the trifluoromethyl derivative undergoing more than 2500 photochemical cycles before degrading by 20% in either environment. In addition, the thermal stability of the cyclizable form has been examined for the first time. Although each fulgide showed outstanding resistance to thermal stress in the C-form, the cyclizable form degraded rapidly at 80°C. These studies highlight the many advantageous properties associated with fluorination and identify areas for future improvements. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V.

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  • November 7, 2001

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