Analysis of fracture mechanisms in composites reinforced with hard, metal oxide nanoparticles using a multi-scale approach Conference

cited authors

  • Boesl, BP; Bourne, GR; Sankar, BV; Karkkainen, RL; Sawyer, WG

fiu authors


  • Toughening mechanisms in hard, metal oxide nanoparticle reinforced epoxy systems were analyzed using a multi-scale approach. Samples on varying scales were fabricated using a shear mixing device and the dispersion of the particles was characterized. On the macro-scale, four point bend testing showed an 80 percent increase in fracture toughness over neat resin samples for composites with low filler volume percents. Testing completed within the chamber of a focused ion beam provided insight in to the mechanisms of fracture on the microscale. Further analysis of the results was coupled with finite element analysis to model the material behavior.

publication date

  • December 2, 2010