Reverse Power Flow Protection in Grid Connected PV Systems Conference

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  • Rahman, S; Aburub, H; Moghaddami, M; Sarwat, AI

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  • Electricity demand is increasing day by day. To satisfy this increasing demand, it is essential to expand power generation. One easy solution is to integrate distributed generation (DG) such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy to electric power grid. The interconnection of DG with conventional power network may cause many technological challenges. To provide proper power quality to consumer and ensure grid performance stability, these problems should be identified and resolved. In this paper, a protection scheme against reverse power flow concerning PV integrated grid system are being discussed. This paper aims to explore recourses to modify the existing protective schemes and investigate reverse power relay (RPR) operation against bi-directional power flow to accommodate PV-DG in distribution networks. Reverse power flow scenario is observed in MATLAB/Simulink design of 100kW PV-DG connected to grid and different operating conditions of distribution network are considered. The primary objective of this research is to simulate a system that provides a solution to avoid reverse power flow using RPR in the presence of a PV-DG resource on a distribution network.

publication date

  • October 1, 2018

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  • 2018-April