Capturing "Trial-to-Trial" Variations in Human Brain Activity: From Laboratory to Real World Book Chapter

cited authors

  • Tang, AC; Sutherland, MT; Yang, Z

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  • To understand cognition and emotion in the real world, it is critical to investigate the phenomena of interest within the rich context of momentto- moment variations in the real world, which we assume is at least in part encoded in the high-dimensional state of the brain. Here the chapter reviews empirical evidence from a series of novel validation studies that demonstrate the technical capabilities of one blind source separation (BSS) algorithm- second-order blind identification (SOBI)-in enabling neuronscientists and clinicians to investigate human brain functions, cognition, and behavior using the electroencephalography (EEG). The chapter concludes that by shifting from an EEG-sensor-based to a neuronal-source-based characterization of brain states, one may better capture the rich context of moment-to-moment variations in the real world.

publication date

  • September 22, 2011