Creativity and perspective Book Chapter

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  • Long, H; Runco, MA

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  • The relationship between perspective and creativity can be understood from different aspects. First of all, shifts in perspectives lead to novel and useful ideas or insights for problem solving through thought experiment and the process of incubation. Many examples in history attest to this relationship. In addition, perspective shift is closely related to cognitive flexibility, one core aspect of creative ideas. This relationship can be explained from dual process of creative cognition. Further, taking others’ perspective affects the judgment or evaluation of creativity. This explains the discrepancies between creators and observers and the disagreements between two observers. This relationship is also related to the differences in implicit theories between researchers and nonresearchers. Moreover, the relationship between perspective shift, perspective taking and creativity is confounded by other factors, such as mood states, cognition, and environment.

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  • January 1, 2016

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