Large-scale network survivability association model based on set pair analysis theory Conference

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  • Wang, C; Li, L; Chen, G

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  • Large-scale network has the characteristics of complex system, and its survivability is different from simple network. The current network survivability studies usually only aim for a specific network level or type, and seldom investigate survivability from a system perspective. In this paper, the concept of large-scale network survivability is defined from the perspective of complex system, the survivability association is analyzed based upon the correlation characteristics of complex system, and the structural model of large-scale network survivability association is established and its properties are analyzed. On the basis of survivability association properties, the survivability association function is defined based upon set pair analysis theory, which is utilized to characterize the survivability association degree among subsystems in large-scale network. Finally, the effectiveness of the model proposed in this paper is validated through case study.

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  • March 20, 2014

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