A novel network survivability analysis and evaluation model Conference

Wang, CL, Wang, DX, Miao, Q et al. (2013). A novel network survivability analysis and evaluation model . 347-350 2082-2088. 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.347-350.2082

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  • Wang, CL; Wang, DX; Miao, Q; Ming, L; Fang, L; Dai, YQ

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  • Network survivability has the characteristics of complexity, dynamic evolution and uncertainty, which has become one of the most important factors for analyzing and evaluating network performance. Network survivability analysis and evaluation is a process of analyzing and quantifying the degree to which network system can survive in network threats. This paper proposes a novel network survivability analysis and evaluation model.Firstly, network survivability is abstracted as a dynamic game process among network attacker, network defender and normal user, thereafter network survivability evolutionary game model is established and network survivability analysis algorithm is proposed based on the game model. Secondly, the survivability characteristics of the network can be measured and evaluated based on the analyzed information based on the proposed immune evolutionary algorithm for network survivability metric weight solving and network survivability evaluation method using multiple criteria decision making. Finally, the proposed network survivability analysis and evaluation model is experimented in a typical network environment and the correctness and effectiveness of the model is validated through experimental analysis. © 2013 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland.

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  • September 3, 2013

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  • 2088


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