Improved J c-B properties of MgB 2 multifilamentary wires and tapes Article

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  • Wang, C; Wang, D; Zhang, X; Yao, C; Wang, C; Ma, Y; Oguro, H; Awaji, S; Watanabe, K

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  • MgB 2 multifilamentary wires and tapes were fabricated by the insitu powder-in-tube (PIT) process using acetone doped milled precursor powders. The critical current density of MgB 2 is strongly enhanced by high energy milling and acetone doping. Furthermore, the liquid acetone can restrain the agglomeration of milled powder, which is beneficial to the fabrication of MgB 2 multifilamentary wires. At 4.2K and 10T, the J c of the 80h doped Fe/Cu wire is 2.9×10 3Acm 2, 20 times larger than that of the 1h pure one (the 1h and 80h, refer to ball milling times). The J c of 80h doped Fe/Monel tape is up to 9.2×10 3Acm 2 at 4.2K and 10T. The J c values of Nb barrier wires are comparable to those of the Fe barrier MgB 2 wires. These results indicate that the addition of liquid C-containing material during high energy milling may be an effective way to get excellent properties of MgB 2 for practical applications. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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  • December 1, 2012

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