Microwave-assisted one-step patterning of aqueous colloidal silver Article

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  • Yang, G; Zhou, YW; Guo, ZR; Wan, Y; Ding, Q; Bai, TT; Wang, CL; Gu, N

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  • A new approach of utilizing microwave to pattern gradient concentric silver nanoparticle ring structures has been presented. The width and height of a single ring and the space between adjacent rings can be adjusted by changing the silver colloidal concentration and the microwave output power. By simply enhancing the ambient vapour pressure to the saturated value during microwave-assisted evaporation, sub-100nm rings can be deposited in between adjacent micro-rings over a distance of millimetres. Combined with microwave sintering, this approach can also create conductive silver tracks in a single step, showing huge potential in fabricating micro-and nano-electronic devices in an ultra-fast and cost-effective fashion. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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  • July 5, 2012

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