Aqueous synthesis of internally doped Cu:ZnSe/ZnS core-shell nanocrystals with good stability Article

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  • Xu, S; Wang, C; Wang, Z; Zhang, H; Yang, J; Xu, Q; Shao, H; Li, R; Lei, W; Cui, Y

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  • To prepare biologically available Zn-based NCs in aqueous solution, we herein reported the synthesis of aqueous Cu:ZnSe/ZnS NCs with internally doped aqueous Cu:ZnSe NCs as the core template. Due to the dual protection of Cu impurities by the ZnSe core and ZnS shells, the as-prepared Cu:ZnSe/ZnS NCs show excellent stability in the open air, which overcomes the intrinsic instability of traditional aqueous Cu:ZnSe NCs. The as-prepared Cu:ZnSe/ZnS NCs possess extremely good stability, good biocompatibility and lower cytotoxicity, and thus can be used as a promising candidate for fluorescent NC-based biological applications. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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  • July 8, 2011

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